Thomas Sheraton

Thomas Sheraton is world renowned, his artistic style instrumental in forming fashionable taste in English furniture design and consequently, his style of furniture is highly valued in any collection. Delicate chairs of shield back form, light inlays, sections of low relief carving all combine to form a dedicated move away from the earlier, heavier work of Thomas Chippendale. What is most interesting however about Thomas Sheraton is that there is only one piece of furniture that is attributable to him. A glass fronted bookcase of upright form, the inside of one drawer stamped T.S. Sheraton. Thomas Sheraton was famous not for his furniture that he produced but for his treatise on furniture. His pattern books that, in the same vane as Thomas Chippendale’s Director and Mayhew and Ince’s “Universal System of Household furniture” unleashed his style on the manufacturers of the country and ended up in the library of many of the great houses of England.

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