Robert Adam

Robert Adam was fundamental in the introduction of the new neo classical style to the English market working in close collaboration with Thomas Chippendale. Robert Adam was not really a furniture maker, rather a talented Scottish architect, draftsman and furniture designer. Having trained under his father William Adam he spent five years taking an extensive grand tour around Italy under the patronage of The Earl of Hopetoun who had been introduced to him by the Marquess of Annandale. These men, combined with their generosity and patronage launched Adam and his neo classical style onto the London scene. It was the influence of Robert Adam’s design on the exterior of his projects, for example great houses such as Kedleston Hall, Hopetoun House and Osterely Park that influenced his designs for the furniture that sat within. This heavily influenced other designers to fit their work to his. Elegance of line, lightness of style and delicate neo-classical undertones and murals were introduced. Inlay, satinwood and gilded wood are aspects that can be found in abundance within the collection of Robert Adam antique furniture held by Ronald Phillips.