Ronald Phillips Ltd brings you the best in English antique bookcases. Our range of bookcases are predominantly 18th century but also include Regency and Victorian examples. We specialise in Queen Anne and George I walnut bureau bookcases, Chippendale mahogany bureau bookcases, and secretaire bookcases in mahogany, satinwood and marquetry. Chippendale, rococo and neo-classical breakfront antique bookcases of all sizes are usually available or, if space is at a premium, Regency or Victorian dwarf bookcases in rosewood or mahogany may suit. As with all our stock, our antique bookcases are carefully selected for originality, quality, condition and colour. Over the years Ronald Phillips Ltd have handled antique bookcases attributed to the best 18th century British furniture makers and designers, including John Belchier, William Kent, William Hallet, William Vile, John Cobb, Thomas Chippendale, John Linnell and Mayhew and Ince. We also seek out fine Regency and George IV antique bookcases in the style of Thomas Hope, and by top makers such as Morel & Seddon.